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Client Reviews

Your search for a talented full-remodel luxury interior designer begins and ends here. We highly recommend Tamara Marie Designs. Working with Tamara and her team was great! During our first meeting, she really took the time to get to know us, our style, and our mid-century modern home (not just the areas we were remodeling). This was very apparent when she brought the design ideas, mood boards, and sample materials. If you’ve ever watched any of the design shows, when people are presented with design options, well, that’s exactly what you’ll get with Tamara and her team. And while some of our original items didn’t quite work the way we thought they would Tamara immediately pivoted and brought in items that were even more fabulous than the original items, the bonus was that there was almost no delay in the project when we made the changes. Tamara did a complete remodel of our kitchen (pictured: white stone countertops, light color wood cabinets w/brass pulls, chrome appliances, light grey stone floor tiles, and gold/white geometric backsplash) and two bathrooms (pictured: Baldwin Hills Estates) and an interior design of our dining room. The final results are simply stunning. You don’t have to sacrifice style for function, you really can have both with Tamara.Read More

TAMARA IS AMAZING!!! She redid my kitchen (it's the green & pink one in her photos). She transformed what had been a barely functioning, tiny kitchen -- into the kitchen of my dreams! I still can't believe how she managed to fit everything I wanted (big fridge, new range, microwave, washer/dryer, double sink, dishwasher, AND so much storage) into the space while still making it feel airy and comfortable. Also, just so cute! Tamara relieved all my anxieties: she heard my vision for the space and also guided it. There were so many elements of a kitchen I would've forgotten (I'd never done a kitchen reno before!) and her exptertise and guidance was both necessary and grately appreciated. When it came to the design -- she knew I wanted pinks and greens, but I didn't have much of a vision beyond that. Tamara's was the vision that really came out and shined. And whenever she sensed any hesitancy from me on a design choice, she worked hard to find an option that I'd truly love. I met with a lot of designers before starting this project, and I am so, so glad I chose her. I highly recommend using her for your next home reno project!Read More

We own multiple residentslu properties on the west side & needed a designer that was capable of juggling a lot of very specific requests. Tamara nailed it, all our spaces came out better than we ever imagined. Her team met & exceeded every deadline. The space is beautifully elevated AND completed under budget. We will use Tamara for every project! Highly recommended!Read More

My husband found Tamara highly recommended on Next Door. We had been looking for an interior designer for over six months and, until Tamara, never found anyone who we felt got our aesthetic and really listened. We decided to have her decorate our small pool house. We told her that we were having our first gathering of friends at our new home and this would be the indoor part of the house they would use. We only gave her one week and she blew us away! She was very prompt and communicative every step of the way. Her and her team are also an absolute pleasure to work with. She is also budget conscious and worked within our budget. Any comments we had, she remedied promptly. We also love her general contractor, Casey, and her design assistant is awesome. They came in and transformed our space. We got (unsolicited) rave reviews from all the guests. We CANNOT wait for Tamara to make her mark on our entire house.Read More

Tamara handled every aspect of the design of my office and the implementation details. I asked for a mid-century modern vibe and she balanced style, function, and my desire for an atmosphere that inspired peace and creativity. My office is inspiring and I’m happy to be in it as I work and create daily. Life changing design. Thanks Tamara.Read More

Tamara turned my dream bathroom into a reality. Everytime I go in there (which is a lot) I say to myself, "I just love this bathroom" Tamara was a joy to work with and I so appreciated having her take the lead on the project and guide me through the stress of my first renovation.Read More

If you're thinking about changing your living spaces and find yourself stalled, I guarantee Tamara Maria Designs, can bring your Dreams to Life! I purchased my home 7 years ago and my kitchen and bathrooms needed updating. Being on the road a lot didn’t allow the time needed to complete what I knew was a huge undertaking. I met with contractors, but nothing ever materialized. I knew exactly what I was looking for in my overall design, but I really didn’t really know how to make it happen. I met Tamara years ago through her Marketing and Sales positions and I knew she had a strong passion for Design. During a casual conversation she mentioned that she was pursuing her passion and I instantly knew she was the person to make it happen! I knew I needed a Designer who understood project management, a reliable contractor, quality materials, options and some fresh ideas. Tamara and I consulted, she put together a story board that brought my vision together and we were off to the races! Tamara was AMAZING at driving my project and keeping everything on track. She sourced great materials and the most Amazing Contractor (Workorminators) and when I made changes mid-way, she pivoted to meet my needs. I could not have asked for a more consummate Design Professional who worked tirelessly to ensure I was completely satisfied. My expectations were exceeded! Thank You Tamara and Tamara Marie Designs for bringing me happiness in 2020!Read More

I had the opportunity to be able to shoot Tamara’s incredible interior design work. As a photographer I pay attention to detail. Working with Tamara I noticed she has a great eye for detail with her work which is very important! She definitely knows how to take room and give it an inviting feel with comfortability and beauty. Not to mention her energy as the individual it’s so great to be around. She kept me smiling the whole time and intrigued with her conversations. Her personality definitely shows in her work as well! Can wait to work with Tamara again.Read More

As a contractor and developer, I have worked with various designers in this field. Tamara's exceptional touch to every project we have worked on has been remarkable. I worked with Tamara on kitchen/bathroom/All Home remodelings and she was great to work with. Really honest and professional, understood the client's style and was quickly able to come up with suggestions and ideas based on what is workable. Tamara is very open-minded to new methods, absolutely realiable at all times. She is a great asset to our company and her dependability is unmatched. She listens and responds very well and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone. Thank you, TamaraRead More